Saturday, October 2, 2010

Nombres de autores en el area del analisis de datos

Coffey y Atkinson Making sense of qualitative data

Coffey, Holbrook and Atkinson Analysing qualitative data

Strauss y Corbin Basics of Qualitative Data

Fetterman, D. Ethnography: Step by Step

Yin, Robert Case Study Research

Recursos mencionados en la conferencia

Some typical examples of team-based media creation include the following:

(a) Stop motion animation

  • Lego Alliance, available at:

  • The Escape, available at:

(b) Machinima

  • Bar Room Brawl, available at:

(c) AMV

  • Sakura: The Climb, available at:

(d) Photoshopped celebrity reporting spoof

  • Caught in Cape Breton, available at:>

Friday, October 1, 2010

Unos recursos

En este sitio del web, puede encontrar unos recursos que mencionemos:

Unos referencias biblograficos

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